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Texas RigHow to Fish the Texas Rig for Bass.

Texas Rig Senko. Now note that my picture may show something different but very rarely am I going to fish a senko with a bullet weight. There are many ways to fish a senko, but by far the favorite is weightless. Here is how to Texas Rig a Senko. Insert the hook into the top of the senko; Run the hook through the middle of the bait for about. T TOOYFUL Wacky Worm Rig Tool Rüsten Sie Schnell Und Einfach Kunststoff Senko Soft Stick Köder - Schwarz:: Sport & Freizeit.

02.07.2011 · Rule of thumb I use is. if I'm fishing open water, I wacky rig it, and if I'm fishing cover, tules, etc., I Texas rig. I can pitch a Senko way back into the tule pockets and drop it into the holes in the weeds and mats when it is T-rigged, but the action can't be beat with the wacky rig. 24.04.2010 · I have an extra E21 carrot stix 69 MH fast action and was wondering whether to keep it or give it to my brother. I am deciding whether to keep it based on the 2 techniques above that I am intending to use it for. Is a 69 medium heavy fast action sound good for T-Rig.

10.03.2019 · Wacky rig might get you more bites on the weed line but time after time the T rig produces bigger bites IMO i use a jig rod or my frog rod right now when the frog bites off.6 inch most of the year and when their really hitting I’ll throw a 7 inch into the tulles. 18.09.2014 · Quick links. FAQ; Logout; Register; Board index Main Tackle Plastics; Reuse t rig senko? Texas Rig 101: All You Need To Know About The T-Rig The Texas rig has been one of the most effective and easiest ways to present a soft plastic bait for decades. Bass anglers can simply slide worm weights on their lines, tie on a hook, thread on soft plastic and they are ready to catch fish.

19.10.2012 · Not sure you're going to find one better than the NRX you are using. Perhaps grabbing a different NRX for your T-Rig applications would be a better move. Nail weight rig Also known as a Neko rig, this is a weighted version of the wacky rig Senko, featuring a nail weight in the head for a faster sink in current or in deeper waters beyond 7 or 8 feet where a standard wacky rig would take too long to sink. This rig falls through the water like a Texas-rig, but takes on more of a wacky-rig action.

Comments: They just flat-out catch fish. wacky, dropshot, T-rigged, carolina rig. anything you think of, the senko does it. its just the most versatile, fish-catching bait i have ever used. if you have not used senkos yet, you owe it to yourself to get a pack or ten. 31.03.2014 · I usually weight my t-rigs, but on the advice/observations of Strictly Biznuss on a previous thread, I decided to go weightless yesterday. The fall rate of a weightless rig seemed to be a bit more appealing to the fish yesterday as a couple of times I got hit almost immediately after the cast. You'd be surprised how far a weightless Senko casts. on the cheap whackey rigging.88 cents snelled six each number 1 hooks at wallmart / number 2 alsosplit shot sinkers two smallest sizes best.use split shots on line right above hook eye.you can make drop adjustments very easily.you covered the flutter action-the main point.i have used 6 or 7 inch trick worms/ etc.all work.even used a. A senko rigged texas you can get to move like a jerkbait on a. jerk, whereas the wacky rigged will kinda flap back. On the drop the center weighted wacky rig gets more action on both ends and falls a bit slower and you have to put a counterweight or nail on the other end if you want the drop the same way on a t rig.

29.03.2019 · How to Fish Senko. A Senko is a plastic worm that is a popular lure for bass fishing. Senkos are designed to "belly-flop" horizontally into the water, which can be more effective than the nosedive of most other soft-plastic baits. As.

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